About Jane Anderson

While doing graduate work at the University of Hawaii, Jane began her study of sculpture and ceramics. Conveniently the art building stood right across the way from the English Department where she studied and taught. Over the years Jane has taught in Hawaii, Italy, Sri Lanka, Ohio, and Oregon while also practicing ceramics in various studios along the way.

In the few years, Jane has sought out opportunities to wood-fire her pieces with the hope of eventually helping to build a community wood-fire kiln in Southern Oregon. In researching this possibility, she has fired with Hiroshi Ogawa in Elkton, Oregon; Jason Hess at the Northern Arizona University, and Susan Roden of Oakland, Oregon.

All the pieces on this website have been wood-fired. Some in an anagama and a noborigama kiln, others in a train, a catenary, and a hybrid propane/wood kilns.

According to Jane, her studies, homes, friends, and mindfulness practice have helped shape her present direct, loose, and primal style.